Under Desk Elliptical Review – Cubii, FitDesk, Or JFit?


Research has proven that sitting for long periods of time can be harmful to your health. Unfortunately many jobs require sitting for hours on end. Under desk ellipticals are the perfect solution.

The under desk elliptical combines our need for physical fitness with productivity. It is an effective method in burning calories in your work setting. Simply place the elliptical under your desk and pedal away! 

Other benefits of the under desk elliptical include:

– Helping your posture

– Working out your core

– Increasing energy

At Sipping Wellness we take a look at three of the most popular under desk elliptical’s on the Amazon Market and give you the skinny on each.In order to give you the best under desk elliptical review, we have rate the price, functionality, and its add-on’s.

under desk elliptical reviewCubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical, Bluetooth Enabled$$$- Bluetooth
- App that allows you to compete with friends
- Easiest assembly
- Sync with Fitbit
4.5Read More
under desk elliptical reviewFitDesk Under Desk Elliptical$$- Cost Effective
- Non-interrupted workouts. Easily change resistance levels with a tap of a toe
4.0Read More
under desk elliptical reviewjfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical/Stepper w/Adjustable Angle$- Cost-effective Elliptical
- Ability to convert to a stand-up elliptical
3.5Read More
under desk elliptical reviewCubii Jr: Desk Elliptical w/Built in Display Monitor$$$- Cubii pro but without blue-tooth
- Cheaper than Cubii Pro
- In-built monitor
4.3Read More
under desk elliptical reviewStamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer-$- Cost-effective4Read More

First on the list is the Cubii Pro. The Cubii pro is the most reputable brand on the under-desk elliptical market. There are 2 different color schemes: silver with black and black with red.

If you like to show off your gadgets, you may want to pay extra attention to the Cubii as its unique Bluetooth feature sets itself apart from the other ellipticals on our list.

The installation takes less than 5 minutes to complete. You simply attach the pedals onto the machine with the included screwdriver and screws.

Weighing in at 28lbs, the machine can be moved easily with just one hand. In the event that your chair has wheels, the Cubii comes prepared with plastic parts that keep your chair in place.

   Quality pedals: There is a lot of foot space on the pedals allowing you to strategically place       your feet in different positions in order to work out different leg muscles.

   Good Weight:  I’m a 5’7 woman with really strong legs. At 28lb the machine is surprisingly         sturdy and doesn’t move even at its highest resistance level

   Resistance: Choose from eight resistance levels with the dial that is located on the elliptical.

   Noise: It’s not completely silent. It does have a low white noise sound that may be                       considered distracting in the work place. Although it is not loud enough to drown out television series.

Bluetooth Feature

The cool thing that sets the Cubii Pro apart from its competitors is its unique Bluetooth feature and its app. The Cubii Pro app is compatible with Apple and android devices. 

The App allows you to:

  – Sync info with your fitbit

 – Compete with office colleagues with its score board

  – Track your elliptical workout with its calories, strives, miles, and time counter

  – Change the elliptical resistance on your app to enhance workout accuracy

  – View the battery life of your elliptical


  – Unique App that allows you to track your workout data and compare stats with buddies

  – Blue tooth functionality allowing you to sync with your FitBit

  – Easy installation (less than 5 minutes)


  – Highest priced under desk elliptical on the market

  – Changing resistant levels is slightly more difficult than its competitors (tap versus a knob          that you have to reach down to change)

  – Has low white noise sound that may be distracting within the work place

The Verdict

The Cubii Pro is ranked number one in our under desk elliptical review because of its Bluetooth functionality and its quality build. It is one of the best products on the market with a ton of unique features that are just not seen in the under desk elliptical market. 

 If you are not into the Bluetooth connectivity or the app the Cubii Jr can be an alternative which is just the stand-alone elliptical.

You can purchase the Cubii Pro from Amazon.

The FitDesk is a cost effective under desk elliptical that doesn’t fail to impress. 

The instructions are easy and clear.The assembly process takes 10-15 minutes with taking a few bolts and screws to attach on the two pedals, its two supporting accessories, and the display with all tools which are all included with the product.

The FitDesk elliptical has the lowest pedal rotation height available, so desks as low as 26 inches can comfortably use it.

   Pedals: Can comfortably maneuver feet into different positions to workout different leg             muscles. Lots of feet space for people with big feet.

   Resistance: You can choose from eight resistance levels. A cool feature is the hands-free         resistance shifting, allowing you to easily adjust the levels with the tap of a toe.

   Desk Odometer: Simply leave your meter at your desk and watch how many calories you           burn, or the distance and time.

   Sound: Not completely silent. It’s a quiet low hum sound but it wouldn’t distract from your         home television.

Hands-Free Resistance Shifting

One unique trait of the Fit Desk is its magnetic resistance setting that allows you to change resistance levels effortlessly without touching the actual elliptical. The magnetic resistance setting allows you to easily change workout levels with the tap of a toe so your workout is not interrupted.


  – Desk odometer allows you to watch the number of calories burned, distance, and time from the comfort of you desk.

  – Hands free magnetic resistance shifting allows you to shift workout levels with the tap of a toe

  – Easy installation (less than 5 minutes)

  – Second cheapest price out of the Cubii Pro and JFit


  – No Bluetooth/app

  – Not completely silent; has a low hum sound

The Verdict

Overall, the FitDesk does come in second place in our under desk elliptical review because of its unique hands-free resistance shifting feature and because it is simply cost effective. With almost half the price of the Cubii, it is perfect for those looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle on a budget.

You can purchase the FitDesk from Amazon.

Although we have ranked JFit Elliptical Stepper in last place it still has a spot on our list for a reason.

In comparison to the FitDesk and Cubii, its assembly can be difficult. You will need to remove a couple of screws to release the cardboard. It comes with a small bottle of machine lubricant (WD-40) in the event that it becomes squeaky or the pedals aren’t operable. 

The JFit Elliptical Stepper requires a minimum of 28 inches between the floor and the bottom of the desk which is the standard desk height.

    Pedals: Large pedals to accommodate for people with larger feet or people that want to            work out different leg muscles.

     Stand-up Elliptical: The stand up functionality allows you to get a full body workout in.

    Weight: The JFit is heavier than the Cubii and FitDesk but does come with wheels for easy        transportation.

    Sound: The product we received was unusually squeaky, even after spraying it with the              lubricant. As for the pedaling, you can lightly hear the fan.

    Resistance Knob: The tension increase knob seems cheap and it’s confusing to tell which          way it’s increasing/decreasing.

    Scuffs: Unfortunately this elliptical had a lot of scuffs on it.

Two Machines in One

Since sitting for prolonged periods of time poses an issue to our health, the Jfit does a good job at combating this by allowing you to turn it into a stand-up elliptical. Transitioning from the sitting to the standing interface takes less than 5 minutes and is perfect if you want to use the elliptical for reading or phone calls.


  – Desk odometer allows you to watch the number of calories burned, distance, and time from the comfort of you desk.

  – Stand-up Elliptical option

  – Medium level installation

  – Cheapest Under desk elliptical


  – Stride is not adjustable; if you are over 6 feet, it can be uncomfortable to do very small              strides

  – Squeeky wheels; not completely silent

  – Lots of dinks and scratches

The Verdict

What sets the Jfit apart from its competitors is its ability to transition into a stand-up elliptical and its competitive pricing. It ranks in last place in our under desk elliptical review because the quality of the machine needs work. The wheels can become very loud because of the squeekiness. Additionally it came with many scratches and dents on it.

Purchase the JFit from Amazon

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